Happy Friendship Day

My Nappy Friend Deepesh Ruhela. We are friends since childhood and still, we are connected as a family. On this friendship day which a very Happy Friendship Day. #rahulinvision

Midnight Click

It’s a pic at midnight 12:00 AM when I and my wife returned from my in-laws home. At Sainik Petrol Pump. It’s a random click. #rahulinvision  


On 3 April 2017, I was invited as Guest Judge in Uddyam – Business Plan Competition.  As an HR I was invited by my colleagues. #rahulinvision      

5 Stars

This was an Epic pic in which all 5 KCMT brands are all together. Mr Amresh Kumar (Director), Mr Yuvraj Bhatnagar (Director – Management), Mrs Richa S. Prasad (HOD – Management Dept.), Mr Vinay Khandelwal (Managing Director) & myself – Mr Rahul Saxena (Employee at that time of KCMT & Ex- Student of MBA &…

Degree Holder

This was a very memorable pic, after 1 year I got my MBA degree by UPTU, Director with honourable personalities. During this convocation cermoney, I met my MBA batchmates after 1 year. I miss them all. #rahulinvision                

My Vote

During 2014 General Election, I cast my vote at that time. It’s a memory for me because at that time I was working for a firm which was not established. I was happy that I contribute to making country via my vote. #rahulinvision