Canva Certificate

Finally after a hard working Canva send the me certificate after 500+ design. Here I am sharing with you – #rahulinvision

HR Reboot

On 16-May-2021 a webinar on the topic HR Reboot has been done by Digital Mantra. I was the attendee as well as participant on that day too. I have asked few questions with the Honorable Speaker and in total I must said a wonderful webinar that was. Here are the few pics of that webinar…

Shareenanuband Certification

On 17-Oct-2020, I have taken part in an webinar in which I have a designation of Speaker and this One hour session I have discussed about Healing, Reiki, Shareenanuband etc. Finally I got a certificate again. Thanks the Saksham Society. Here are few glimpses – #rahulinvision

Certificate of Speaker

As in my earlier post I have mentioned that I be the part of Webinar and now I got the certificate. Here is that – #rahulinvision

Webinar Certification

On 23-August-2020, I was the guest of Webinar on the topic of ‘Vastu Helps in Boosting Heath’. It was a energetic online (Meet App) discussion and I got my certificate now. #rahulinvsion      


On the occasion of World Tarot Day on 26th May 2020, Labyrinthos Academy certified me for outstanding reading by Tarot Cards. Thanks. #rahulinvision

Men Leading by Example

On this November 19, 2019 the organization which working for men are recognized my efforts towards the society certified me as ‘Men Leading by Example’ because I am running a blog for the benefits of unemployed people to provide right path for job without any cost. Thanks for recognizing my work. #rahulinvision