FI (Final Investigation)

During the last company in 2015-2017, working as HR Manager in a firm I was started a FI (Final Investigation). By which I called the Female Employees Family to meet with HR and visited Male Employee family in the Office Premises. Few pics of FI are below – #rahulinvision

For The Employees (2015-2017)

During the last company in 2015-2017, I was created many of Activities for the Employees. Few of them are – Birthday Celebration of the Staff – In every month at the last day of HR dept. celebrate the birthday of those staff whose birthday was fallen in that month. Token of Appreciation – I was…

Recruiter’s Meet

Recruiting is the main part of Human Resource. As to improve the recruiting process I was visited many of Recruitment Firms and meet personally to invite the Recruiter’s meet. Few pics are below – #rahulinvision