On the occasion of World Tarot Day on 26th May 2020, Labyrinthos Academy certified me for outstanding reading by Tarot Cards. Thanks. #rahulinvision

My Birthday bash @ Office

On this 7th March, I was waiting the wishes and when I open my Twitter Account, it wish me Happy Birthday. After that on my Social Media Account Linkedin & Facebook people wishes me a ton. when I reached office after a long time a cake cutting ceremony held. I was shocked and happy by…

रंगोत्सव 2020

On the Occasion of Holi 2020 (09th March 2020), like every year same as, we celebrate the Holi with full of zeal. Few pics are share herewith. Have a look. #rahulinvision

@ Varun’s Marriage

On this 26th Feb 2020, along awaiting marriage of Mr. Varun with Ms. Kajal has been taken place. Finally they tie a knot. Few pics are here – #rahulinvision

चूड़ाकर्म संस्कार

On this Mahashivratri dt: 21-Feb-2020 is a remarkable day for me. ON the pious occasion of Shivratri, me with my family has visited Naimisharayan for the ‘Churakarm Sanskaar’ for Kiyaan. Read more about Churakarm Sanskaar – Pics are below – #rahulinvision

My Idol : Swami Vivekanand

Out of three he is one of my Idol who inspired me a lot. Swami Vivekanand in his best pic ever. Something attractive in this pic. #rahulinvision

Midnight Click

It’s a pic at midnight 12:00 AM when I and my wife returned from my in-laws home. At Sainik Petrol Pump. It’s a random click. #rahulinvision  

5 Stars

This was an Epic pic in which all 5 KCMT brands are all together. Mr Amresh Kumar (Director), Mr Yuvraj Bhatnagar (Director – Management), Mrs Richa S. Prasad (HOD – Management Dept.), Mr Vinay Khandelwal (Managing Director) & myself – Mr Rahul Saxena (Employee at that time of KCMT & Ex- Student of MBA &…

Degree Holder

This was a very memorable pic, after 1 year I got my MBA degree by UPTU, Director with honourable personalities. During this convocation cermoney, I met my MBA batchmates after 1 year. I miss them all. #rahulinvision                

My Vote

During 2014 General Election, I cast my vote at that time. It’s a memory for me because at that time I was working for a firm which was not established. I was happy that I contribute to making country via my vote. #rahulinvision