रंगोत्सव 2020

On the Occasion of Holi 2020 (09th March 2020), like every year same as, we celebrate the Holi with full of zeal. Few pics are share herewith. Have a look. #rahulinvision

Saturday Masti

During the Saturday my brother was taken a snap of mine which looks like as crazy. Here it is. #rahulinvision

R&R : the engagement

On 29 April 2019, one of my strength my sister had got engaged with a person to whom we know about lil bit. All the best sis. #rahulinvision  

Cast your vote

On 23 April 2019 me and my family cast our vote in the General Election 2019. This is a pic after casting my vote with my sister. #rahulinvision

Goverdhan Puja

On this Goverdhan Puja me and my wife together worship this puja first time after marriage. Last year we were celebrate (before marriage) the same at Deepesh’s home. #rahulinvision

Deepawali Feast

This Diwali on 07-Nov-18, No doubt we are more together. Thanks for saints and Hindu Tradition which makes people together forever. Also on Bhai Dooj my sister Rini Saxena and Mini Saxena came for tika. This tradition we followed since approx 20 years without any discontinued. #rahulinvision      

Happy Friendship Day

My Nappy Friend Deepesh Ruhela. We are friends since childhood and still, we are connected as a family. On this friendship day which a very Happy Friendship Day. #rahulinvision

5 Stars

This was an Epic pic in which all 5 KCMT brands are all together. Mr Amresh Kumar (Director), Mr Yuvraj Bhatnagar (Director – Management), Mrs Richa S. Prasad (HOD – Management Dept.), Mr Vinay Khandelwal (Managing Director) & myself – Mr Rahul Saxena (Employee at that time of KCMT & Ex- Student of MBA &…

Beautiful lady in my life

I was mesmerized by her nature and beauty. Yea I admit I was in innocent love with my cuties Grand Mother Late Smt. Pushplata Johari Saxena. A lady who brought Seven own child and one grand child. Who loved me since my childhood. Who never demand her authorization on me and always treat herself as…

Happy Mother’s Day

Today 13 May 2018 is a Mother’s Day. A day in which we celebrate the motherhood of a woman in the world. I was brought up by my Grand Mother Late Smt. Pushplata Saxena nee Johari. In the year 2000, I was given this above Greeting to her by handmade. She was smiled at that…