Har Har Bhole

During this Shiv Ratri (04 March 2019) me with my brother on left Mr. Pranjal Saxena and my dearest one Mr. Naman Ruhela on right side are in the pics during attend the Shiv Barat on road. #rahulinvision

नमो नमो हे शंकरा…

लगभग 10 वर्षो बाद मै अपने पूरे परिवार के संग गोला गोकर्णनाथ के दर्शन को गया था, इस वर्ष 23 एवं 24 दिसम्बर को | एक pic पूजा करते हुए | #rahulinvision

Goverdhan Puja

On this Goverdhan Puja me and my wife together worship this puja first time after marriage. Last year we were celebrate (before marriage) the same at Deepesh’s home. #rahulinvision