Aura Clean Challenge

I have started Aura Clean Challenge since 01 August 2021 . IN which you can clean your aura by simple tasks. Here are their details along with certified participants. #rahulinvision

Certificate of Speaker

As in my earlier post I have mentioned that I be the part of Webinar and now I got the certificate. Here is that – #rahulinvision

Dressing Etiquette during Interview

Many of people didn’t know how to dress up during Interview and this is a very big mistake . So during Lockdown I have taken pain and create two videos for Male & Female that how they should dress up during an interview. Watch the videos – #rahulinvision

Grooming Tips for Interview

Many of candidates put loud make up during their interviews and many of them wear inappropriate accessories. So for them watch the video – #rahulinvision

Exhibition with Kapish

Me with my Kapish Colleagues during Hotel Oberai Anand Exhibition. We were enjoyed a lot. People think that I am HR of Oberai Anand Hotel. They share their problems with me. #rahulinvision