@ Interview in Inn

On this 25 July 2019, at Hotel Country Inn me with my colleagues be the part of Grand Interview at Budaun city.   #rahulinvision

Birthday Girl

On this 26 July 2019, Tanya turned one more year older. One of my cutest sister and ‘Kitaabi Keeda’ wish you live a long life with happiness as always. #rahulinvision

Pic @ 5 AM

These two pics are showing when you woke up early @ 5 AM then how you seems ??? In left – This pic has been taken last month when I was at my in-laws home. At that time I woke up @ 5 AM. This pic from the terrace of in-laws home. In right –…

Saturday Masti

During the Saturday my brother was taken a snap of mine which looks like as crazy. Here it is. #rahulinvision


Mr. Sumit Yadav from SEFA met with me regarding the particular software. He such a nice guy. We have a fruitful conversation. #rahulinvision

@ Palak’s Birthday

On this 04 May 2019, Me, Nidhi and Kiyaan visited Pala’s Birthday. This is the first time Kiyaan has visited at her Bua’s home. #rahulinvision

Cast your vote

On 23 April 2019 me and my family cast our vote in the General Election 2019. This is a pic after casting my vote with my sister. #rahulinvision

वो हम-सफ़र था

वो हम-सफ़र था मगर उस से हम-नवाई न थी, कि धूप छाँव का आलम रहा जुदाई न थी | अदावतें थीं, तग़ाफ़ुल था, रंजिशें थीं बहुत, बिछड़ने वाले में सब कुछ था, बेवफ़ाई न थी | बिछड़ते वक़्त उन आँखों में थी हमारी ग़ज़ल, ग़ज़ल भी वो जो किसी को अभी सुनाई न थी |…


On 2 April 2019, we all greet the new addition in my family my Son with my wife from the Hospital. All are happy after playing with a such kid after 17 years. Welcome baby. #rahulinvision

Bye Bye Google +

It’s a sad moment for us that Google + is going shut down today (02 April 2019). From the memory lane few gifs are as below – #rahulinvision