Birthday Girl

On this 26 July 2019, Tanya turned one more year older. One of my cutest sister and ‘Kitaabi Keeda’ wish you live a long life with happiness as always. #rahulinvision

Pic @ 5 AM

These two pics are showing when you woke up early @ 5 AM then how you seems ??? In left – This pic has been taken last month when I was at my in-laws home. At that time I woke up @ 5 AM. This pic from the terrace of in-laws home. In right –…

Saturday Masti

During the Saturday my brother was taken a snap of mine which looks like as crazy. Here it is. #rahulinvision


Mr. Sumit Yadav from SEFA met with me regarding the particular software. He such a nice guy. We have a fruitful conversation. #rahulinvision

R&R : the engagement

On 29 April 2019, one of my strength my sister had got engaged with a person to whom we know about lil bit. All the best sis. #rahulinvision  

@ Palak’s Birthday

On this 04 May 2019, Me, Nidhi and Kiyaan visited Pala’s Birthday. This is the first time Kiyaan has visited at her Bua’s home. #rahulinvision

Cast your vote

On 23 April 2019 me and my family cast our vote in the General Election 2019. This is a pic after casting my vote with my sister. #rahulinvision


Name of the person is a first thing which we gie him as identity when he came in the world. On 07 April 2019 the same ceremony has to be held in my residence. During the after noon me and my family get together and had been the part of the Baby Shower. Different names…

वो हम-सफ़र था

वो हम-सफ़र था मगर उस से हम-नवाई न थी, कि धूप छाँव का आलम रहा जुदाई न थी | अदावतें थीं, तग़ाफ़ुल था, रंजिशें थीं बहुत, बिछड़ने वाले में सब कुछ था, बेवफ़ाई न थी | बिछड़ते वक़्त उन आँखों में थी हमारी ग़ज़ल, ग़ज़ल भी वो जो किसी को अभी सुनाई न थी |…


On 2 April 2019, we all greet the new addition in my family my Son with my wife from the Hospital. All are happy after playing with a such kid after 17 years. Welcome baby. #rahulinvision