इस वर्ष 2021 में मैंने कुछ नया करने का सोचा | सोचा क्यों न डेली विडियो ब्लॉग बनाऊ | मै क्या करता हू दिन भर वो शेयर करू | इसलिय मैंने ब्लॉग बनाने की सोची | कुछ विडियो मेरी डेली विडियो ब्लोग से – #rahulinvision

Craft Mela

Like every year me and my wife visited Urban Hat for Mela. This year on 06 Dec 2020 we both visited in Craft Mela. Really nice articles are their. Few pictures are below – #rahulinvision

PCRA Appreciation

On the invitation of PCRA we reached at their Exhibition. Actually they recognised my Food V-blog and endorse their some tips into it. A pic in the vent is here – #rahulinvision

Diwali 2020

This Diwali, like always we as a family come together and celebrated all 5 Events starts from Dhanteras to Bhai Dooj. Few pics are aharing with you – #rahulinvision

Corporate Geeta

On 7th November 2020, I have launched my first e-book ‘Corporate Geeta’. It’s a book based on Shremad Bhagwadgeeta Verses and Management Interpretation. You can download the e-book via following link – #rahulinvision

GM Meet

On 01 November 2020, after 6:00 PM I have a part of GM meet. It’s an experience for me. I have just brush up my recruiting skills on them. Really it’s an fruitful session. Pics are – #rahulinvision

Shareenanuband Certification

On 17-Oct-2020, I have taken part in an webinar in which I have a designation of Speaker and this One hour session I have discussed about Healing, Reiki, Shareenanuband etc. Finally I got a certificate again. Thanks the Saksham Society. Here are few glimpses – #rahulinvision

Certificate of Speaker

As in my earlier post I have mentioned that I be the part of Webinar and now I got the certificate. Here is that – #rahulinvision

Marriage Book

It’s being 3 years approx that I haven’t seen my Marriage Video due to some reasons. Now I got my marriage video and I can’t believe that 3 years back we are looking different. Many of us are looking different. Have a look – #rahulinvision

Labour Law Webinar

On 10-Oct-2020, I was the speaker in ‘Labour Laws in India’ . The session attend by 71 HR Aspirants. The session is running non-stop 60 minutes and I have shared some important laws which is running in India. Pics are below – #rahulinvision