Kiyaan’s first Holi

This is Holi is special for one new member of our family, who is Master Kiyaan Saxena. This Holi is the first Holi for him. Last year I remember that he was in the womb of his mother and we are expecting him to come out, now he is with us. Happy Holi Kiyaan. #rahulinvision

चूड़ाकर्म संस्कार

On this Mahashivratri dt: 21-Feb-2020 is a remarkable day for me. ON the pious occasion of Shivratri, me with my family has visited Naimisharayan for the ‘Churakarm Sanskaar’ for Kiyaan. Read more about Churakarm Sanskaar – Pics are below – #rahulinvision

Annaprashan Sanskaar

On 30 September 2019, Kiyyan has taken solid meal first time. In India this is called ‘Annaprashan Sanskaar’ means first edible offering day to new born baby. In this program all the male elders and where old elders are not present then elder woman offer the sweet dish (Kheer) to the new born. During this…

@ Rakabdaar 2

On 13 September 2019, Me-mywife-Kiyaan has visited the Rakabdaar in the one of relative’s kid’s birthday party. We enjoyed thoroughly. Pics are – #rahulinvision

Mero Madan Gopal

This year my Choto So Mero Madan Gopal ‘Kiyaan’ has dressed as Lord Krishna “Bal Roop” He seems pretty good in the attire. #rahulinvision

नामकरण संस्कार

Name of the person is a first thing which we give him as identity when he came in the world. On 07 April 2019 the same ceremony has to be held in my residence. During the after noon me and my family get together and had been the part of the Baby Shower. Different names…