Chef in Lockdown 2020

During Lockdown 2020 when we all were in the home, in my soul a chef came out. I made few delicious food items. Here sare some pictures – #rahulinvision

Aura Clean Challenge

I have started Aura Clean Challenge since 01 August 2021 . IN which you can clean your aura by simple tasks. Here are their details along with certified participants. #rahulinvision

@ Mayank’s Wedding

After a long rainy days we reached in blossom time, and my brother got married with beautiful princess. On 12th July 2021 Mayank got married with Rupali. Pics are below – #rahulinvision

Wake up @ 5 AM

Me & my wife has decided to wake up @ 5 :00 AM daily just to be the part of nature. Few pics are here – #rahulinvision

Tarot Date

I was on Headfone Podcast since 2018 and on May 2021 the representative RJ Manohar has called me regarding a session based on Tarot. Soon the planning take place and on 20th June 2021 I was on air. The audio of the conversation is below – #rahulinvision

Lockdown Melody

Me and my wife were ideally sitting and thinking what we do in this lock down, then suddenly we were decided that lets shoot a song. Here it is, enjoy …… #rahulinvision

HR Reboot

On 16-May-2021 a webinar on the topic HR Reboot has been done by Digital Mantra. I was the attendee as well as participant on that day too. I have asked few questions with the Honorable Speaker and in total I must said a wonderful webinar that was. Here are the few pics of that webinar…

Got Vaccinated

To protect our-self from CORONA we have to vaccinated first. Hence in the same series I got vaccinated on 08th May 2021. I have shoot my VLOG on the same day. Have a look – #rahulinvision

HBD Kiyaan : 2nd Birthday

28th March 2021 is a day when my elder son ‘Kiyaan’ has been completed his 2nd birthday. Last year 2020 during the lockdown Kiyaan was at his Nani-Nana’s home but now this time he is with us. Few pics of that event are as below – #rahulinvision

वैष्णव जन तो तेने कहिये…

इस बार का जन्म दिन कुछ ख़ास था | पहला तो मेरे छोटे बेटे का नामकरण और दूसरा मेरा जन्म दिन | इस बार मै अपने बड़े बेटे के संग गरीबो को भोजन वितरण करने गया | उसका विडियो और कुछ फोटो आपके संग साझा कर रहा हू – #rahulinvision