Vision – Mission – Motto

Vision –

My vision is to make country aware about the Human Resource. HR is not a thing which now a days small firms are thinking. It’s a process by which we can increase the growth of Products or Services.

When people are stuck in somewhere they were looking for solutions, Tarot Cards are the way to provide this. Being a Tarot card reader I want to people must aware from it.

My third vision is to be the spiritual and make understandable to others Spirituality has no age limit.

Mission –

To achieve my vision I have to play a purposeful action.

To achieve HR awareness I have to interact more and more people. For that I have created a site for those who are looking the jobs. Communication with different recruiters too.

For achieving the awareness of tarot Card reading I was visited many places for Tarot Card Awareness.

I have taken an online session for the same on Instagram.

Motto –

स्वस्थस्तुते कुशल्मस्तु चिरायुरस्तु ||

Which means be healthy, be safe and be live long life.

I just follow this motto of my life.